Hey, I’m Siddharth.

I am currently building

to help people discover new brands and products with an AI personalised shopping and rewards experience.

For brands, this means a new growth channel to drive acquisition and retention.

I started my career in Digital Marketing and transitioned through Business Intelligence, Product Marketing and Growth over the years.

In my previous roles, I have led marketing, built growth and marketing teams and driven product strategy at a few startups through full-time and consulting roles.

Most of my experience has been in the zero-to-one stages – focused on launch, product growth loops and solving the cold-start problem in Products.


2021-Now: Founder @ Seek Rewards

2018-2021: Head of Growth @ Leher App
2016-2018: Launch and Growth Marketing Consultant
2014-2016: Growth Marketing @ Hiree.com (earlier myNoticePeriod.com)

2011-2014: BBM – CMS-JU, Bangalore

@sdrth on Twitter and LinkedIn.
@sdrth_ on Instagram.

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Siddharth Jaiswal


Building Seek Rewards